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Do you want a workforce that is dynamic, inventive and dedicated or employees that are sluggish, lacklustre, distressed and fed up?
Is your staff driven, innovative and vivacious or bored, disengaged and unproductive? You may ask yourself: “How do I get my team to function to the best of its ability”?

Well, look no further; help is at hand.  Here at FitHub we are dedicated to putting the spring back in your employees' steps, breathing a new lease of life into your workplace and working our magic to create a workforce that is energetic, inspired, passionate, hip, determined, zingy, wholehearted, peppy, spirited, zestful, stimulated and focused…

Our services boost well-being and develop invaluable and practical life skills that improve posture, reduce stress, release tension, condition muscles, prevent injury, enhance confidence, improve social relationships, nourish mind, body and soul and lessen work based disease.

Solutions are available individually or as part of a tailored package, you can even create a personalised package specifically for your company.  How fun is that?  We cater for small, medium and large businesses and will work around your facilities, schedules and requirements.

Our prices are extremely competitive, guaranteeing you the best profitable return on investment. We are specialists in our fields and are equipped with all the skills and knowledge essential to help your staff go from blasé to bubbling with enthusiasm.

Your employees are the infrastructure, your number one asset, the very framework that keeps your business operating. Look after them today and build a more productive, effervescent and contented future for tomorrow.

Tap into your employees' vast reservoirs of creativity and get those endorphins flowing.


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Corporate Wellness Services


Inhale… Exhale. A focused, calm mind contributes to a harmonious body. Our enlightened yogis will lead on a journey of self-discovery, giving you a deeper awareness and appreciation of...

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You are what you eat! A balanced diet is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. Let our health squad advise you on the best foods to boost energy and vitality, calm the nervous system...

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Nails and Beauty

What does your staff’s appearance convey about your company’s image? We all know that beauty is skin deep but your employee’s presentation speaks volumes about your business’ professionalism...

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Holistic Therapies

Let our team of stress busters transform your employees with our loosening, de-stressing and energising treatments. Eradicate those stubborn knots, lengthen and smooth out muscles and sinews....

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Corporate Wellness

“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” J. Stanford


It’s a popular buzz word but what exactly is your core? Let our team of inspiring instructors lead you through the vital steps towards not only core strength and fitness but also the conditioning of all the...

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

At times, everyone can experience stressful and painful situations. Work pressures, financial worries and unresolved personal issues can all impact on the way we feel about ourselves and the way we perceive....

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Personal and Professional Development

Throughout our career there can be times when we find certain things difficult. Workplace frustrations such as missing out on a promotion or losing a big account can be hard to accept. Making deadlines...

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Mindfulness and Meditation

Whether it’s “did I send the correct file to HR earlier?” or “I have to start that new project later” we tend to spend a lot of our time pondering about the past, procrastinating about the future and...

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Benefits for the Company

A more vibrant workforce

Help staff feel more alert and enthusiastic

Decreased absenteeism

Healthy staff take less sick leave

Increased morale

Employees that get on well together work well together

Staff Appreciation

Offer staff something different and worthwhile

Increased loyalty

Its hard to leave a job you love

Improved Performance

Healthy staff have a higher output

Benefits for the Employee

Physical and mental stress relief

Exercise is a great stress reliever

Increased productivity

Provides an excellent return on investment

Job satisfaction

Show your employees you care

Positive mental attitude

Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel good

Increased enthusiasm

More creative employees

Improved focus and motivation

Yoga helps focus and train the mind




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