Let our team of stress busters transform your employees with our loosening, de-stressing and energising treatments. Eradicate those stubborn knots, lengthen and smooth out muscles and sinews and identify problem areas whilst soothing away tension. Your employees will feel revitalized, refreshed and reinvigorated, ready to return to the workplace with renewed enthusiasm.

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Holistic Chair Massage

Pregnancy Chair Massage



Sink into our specialised massage chair and let our therapists work their magic. Stemming from the Greek word holos meaning whole, this restorative treatment works on the physical and mental levels to help loosen tight, tired muscles, unlock congested, creaky joints and instil a sense of complete calm.


Corporate benefits of this treatment

Concentrating on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, our therapists use several techniques to stimulate muscles and sinews into softening and lengthening whilst soothing the mind. We can improve or help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tension headaches, frozen shoulder, tennis/golfer’s elbow and general sprains and strains.



At this wonderful stage of your life, it is important to take time out for yourself. We understand that your body is changing; physically and mentally and this can lead to discomfort and distress. For all you yummy mums-to-be, why not indulge in this gentle yet relieving treatment, especially designed to alleviate aches and pains and leave you feeling revived and refreshed. A lot of our clients have commented that baby really enjoys the treatment too.

Corporate benefits of this treatment

Massage increases the amount of endorphins in the blood stream which act as a natural pain killer. Feeling more comfortable and relaxed can lead to improved sleep. This beautiful treatment really does work on the whole body, mind and soul, even on your precious bundle of joy.



Indian Head Massage



At times we all require something soothing, balancing and reassuring. Originating in Japan and meaning ‘universal life-force energy’ reiki is a gentle and tranquil treatment. Touch, even when applied very lightly, is an extremely powerful thing. The practitioner lays their hands on specific positions on or close to the body and acts as a channel between you and the wonderful, healing energy. Close your eyes, breathe and simply be.

Corporate benefits of this treatment

Relaxation on all levels. Initiation of your body’s own healing path. Reiki can bring inner peace and restore well-being.



This traditional and reinvigorating massage concentrates on softening the upper back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands whilst easing facial muscles and sending a wonderful tingling sensation through the hair and into the scalp. Using specialised techniques and stimulating pressure points known as marmas it can lessen tension, encourage a tranquil state of mind and leave you feeling uplifted and ready for the rest of your work day.

Corporate benefits of this treatment

This revitalizing treatment can help to relieve migraines, headaches, eyestrain and facial tension, as well as relaxing restricted upper body muscles whilst replenishing energy reserves leaving you focused, attentive and motivated.



Pregnancy reflexology



This ancient therapy maps the entire body on the feet. Imagine that! Our practitioners use specific techniques that activates pressure points called reflexes to free blockages, cleanse the body of toxins and restore balance. Each of your feet has approximately 7,000 nerve endings which link back into the nervous system, slowing all major systems of the body, resulting in a euphoric and blissful state.

Corporate benefits of this treatment

To restore equilibrium within the body thus re-energising so you are better able to deal with workload pressures and deadline concerns.


On occasion a massage can seem like a little bit too much hassle, so throw your feet up and indulge in a delightful and harmonious reflexology session instead. Our therapists will help to balance your body, relieve anxiety and encourage a feeling of complete tranquillity. You will feel so relaxed that your body will have no choice but to follow.


Corporate benefits of this treatment

This treatment can help to release tension and tightness, soothe pregnancy aches and pains, ease nausea and inspire deep serenity.

Holistic Therapies FAQ's

  • Are all your therapists qualified?

    Yes, all our therapists are fully qualified and insured.

  • How much space do we need to have holistic therapies?

    A small to medium sized office would be perfect. We generally move some chairs around to make space for our equipment. If you are in any doubt our therapists can come to your workplace to assist you with choosing a suitable location.

  • What happens if I have an injury?

    What happens if I have an injury?

  • I’ve just found out I’m pregnant, can I still have a treatment?

    Congratulations, what wonderful news! Inform your therapist and we can go from there. Our holistic therapists will usual offer treatments from the end of the first trimester or after 12 weeks.

  • What are your available working hours?

    We are available to come to you 7 days a week. We cater for all shifts, including day and night shifts.

  • I’ve just found out I’m pregnant, can I still attend your class?

    Congratulations, what wonderful news! Inform your therapist and they can advise you on the best course of action.

  • How do we book this service?

    Simply contact us via the website and we will respond to you and get you started.

  • How do we pay for this service?

    Payment is typically on a monthly basis. We can discuss this with you when you have decided exactly what you need.

  • Can staff contribute to the payment?

    Yes, staff can contribute to the payment of the chosen services. We can make some recommendations for you with regard to this.

  • What happens if we cancel?

    Please read our cancellation policy for more information.

Cancellation Policy

We require one full month’s notice in the event of a cancellation, e.g. if we are due into you on 17th June at 9am we will need to be notified before 17th May at 9am. If we are informed a full one month before, no cancellation fee will occur. Failure to do so will result in the following cancellation fee:

Less than one month to 3 weeks previous = 25% of agreed fee

Less than 3 weeks to 2 weeks previous = 50% of agreed fee

Less than 2 weeks to 1 week previous = 75% of agreed fee

Less than 1 week to due date = 100% of agreed fee

If you have booked the service within the month, please try to notify us as soon as possible if you intend to cancel. Failure to do so will also incur a cancellation fee. This can be discussed when you contact us.

If you want to cancel a service but move it to a different date then please contact us as soon as possible so we can make sure the new date and required therapist, facilitator or instructor is available.




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